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The popularity of Modern Jive has taken it global over the last fifteen years and our fabulous venues along this piece of sunny Mediterranean coastline live up to the glamour and style expected of Marbella and the Costa del Sol…

…rapidly becoming known as the Costa del Jive.

JiveSpain is Spain’s biggest jive club and we welcome people of all nationalities whether you can dance, can’t dance or, when trying to dance, you find you have two left feet that want to fight with each other!

If you are on holiday here on the coast then you are more than welcome to come and join us as a visitor and go home with more than just a Spanish tan.

BELLY DANCING has simple basic steps and body movements which, once mastered, make the dancer feel beautiful and confident, inducing a feeling of spiritual and physical well-being.

BELLY DANCING will discover the new you both mentally and physically, as well as being a tremendously enjoyable way of keeping fit.

Jacqueline Chapman is acclaimed by the national media as Britain’s leading professional belly dancer, choreographer and teacher. She has won national and international acclaim as a quintessential English dancer who is able to perform and choreograph with authenticity and genuine feeling for this Middle Eastern art-form.

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